Specialist IT Support for Pubs & Restaurants

IT Support is at the heart for all Pubs & Restaurants. Therefore you need a robust and efficient IT infrastructure that’s fully operational at all times. That’s where we can help …

Our expert team of IT consultants and engineers have specific experience in the Pub & Restaurant sector. Whether you’re looking for a new bespoke IT infrastructure or ways to improve your existing software and hardware, we can help your business grow.

IT consultant and pub manager setting up wifi and internet services
Customer using phone to pay for services in restaurant using wifi powered card machine.

Outsource your IT and improve efficiency

Our cloud-based solutions are ideal for the Pubs & Restaurants sector. You’ll benefit from leading applications and improved processing power, first class security, robust back ups, plus excellent storage facilities. You can also access your documents remotely at any time.

Tell us about your business and we’ll recommend the best solution for you. We’ve worked with many Pubs & Restaurants and our advice is always tailored to your specific circumstances. Our recommendation will depend on the number of employees you have, the sizes and types of files you share, plus the bandwidth available.

All your IT support services for your pub or restaurant under one roof

As experienced IT consultants we know how convenient it is for Pubs & Restaurants to outsource key services to one trusted provider. That’s why we can manage your IT, telephony, domains, hosting, plus your energy needs at the same time.

Our aim is to make life easier for you. Our service desk is manned 24/7, everything is set up perfectly at the outset, and our team of local engineers fix most faults on the day they’re reported.

Restaurant manager working on laptop at bar struggling with it support issues
Get Support Today

Call us today on 03337 721595 to switch or email us at info@kandl-it.co.uk

It’s easy to transfer your IT support to us. Simply get in touch and we’ll migrate all your data seamlessly. We’ve improved the IT infrastructure of many Pubs & Restaurants and we can do the same for you.